Thanks for dropping by, it means the world!

Hi! I’m Lizzie - thanks for being here!

I am a self taught artist, born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am now located in DALLAS, Texas!

My painting journey began during the Covid-19 pandemic. Painting is a fun and freeing creative outlet for me. Whenever I’m struggling to articulate what I’m thinking or feeling, I turn to painting and express it on canvas. The process challenges me, while also bringing me to a place of stillness, always bringing me joy. 

Color, pattern, and texture excite me. I’m always thinking of ways I can combine colors, techniques, mediums in new ways while making each piece tell its own story. I aim to bring those elements together in an unapologetic, bold way.

I’m so glad you are here to join me on this journey as I evolve and try new things. Thanks for dropping by, it means the world!

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